SUNSONIC MANUFACTURING CORPORATION engages in the manufacturing, import, export, and selling of quality household products such as gas stove, electric fan, rice cooker, flat irons, electric fans and many others. The company has satisfactorily served the requirements of several leading brands since it started.
SUNSONIC also established a quality management system that is in accordance with Philippine National Standard (aligned with ISO 9001) and highly trained personnel and reliable equipment to ensure that only quality products come out of the production line.
With its 18,914 sq. m. of factory space in Dasmarinas Cavite and 5,660.80 sq. m. of warehouse situated in Leveriza Pasay City. The company currently has a daily production capacity of 2,800 for Electric Fan and 4,000 for Gas Stove and can be increase if needed.
SUNSONIC is now coming up or introducing new product line of energy saving lamps, straight tube fluorescent and circular fluorescent under the brand name “SEIKO”. The company has advertised its lighting products in magazine and some newspapers like People’s Tonight, Commuter Express and Abante. All lighting products have Import Commodity Certificate (ICC) and Yellow Label in compliance with safety requirements of Bureau of Product Standards and Department of Energy.

SUNSONIC is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, employee development and community awareness. It will continuously serve the Filipinos by providing affordable and high quality products thru developing the maximum potential of its human resources and conducting continuous quality improvement program.